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  • Education
  • Degrees
  • Certification
  • Science

We are employing best IT experts who, by close cooperation and skills of agile project management, create successful technology products for our clients

Using our broad skill set, combined with vast technical knowledge, experience and ability, we develop IT solutions and provide information technology support to satisfy the needs of your business

Our team unites software engineers and architects, data experts, specialists in R, Python, SPSS, Gurobi, iLOG etc., and educators with decades of teaching experience

We believe that inside every teammate there is more potential than they realize, and unlocking this potential is among our goals

The degrees held by our specialists guarantee the high quality of our services

Some of our team members have BBA and MBA degrees

Our specialists' degrees, extensive expertise and experience inspire our newcomers and create the synergy necessary for our clients' success

30% of our employees have got a degree from leading technical universities and still continue to teach students

Work-based studying differs from traditional higher education as it actively uses the workplace as a rich learning environment. Our team constantly improves its skills, knowledge and expertise through day-to-day activities. This work-based education helps us to achieve better results when dealing with specific individual, team and organizational objectives

Our specialists have a combined total of over 50 certificates from Microsoft, IBM and other leading vendors

We believe that being professionally certified is crucial when it comes to high-quality software development

Having certified staff is an essential element of managing a successful IT team

Today science and technology are evolving thanks to each other

We collaborate with scientific organizations all over the world as their IT partner

We are closely following the development of technology and science in order to offer our clients the most advanced solutions

We have a strong awareness and understanding of the business reality in the context of information technology, and are committed to ensuring that the technology investments you make become an asset and not a liability

Experts in technologies

Key specializations

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

  • Business performance forecasting (demand, sales, stocks, etc.)
  • Predictive maintenance of equipment and machinery
  • S&OP automation
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Data Mining

Data Mining

  • Next-Best (action, offer, channel, time, etc.)
  • Churn prevention
  • Analysis of clients' behaviour
  • Thorough website personalization
  • Analysis of clients' insights
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  • Optimization of production schedule (for different industries)
  • Optimization of field force routes
  • Storage recommendations
  • Optimization of transportation network
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